Pops of floral colour II: Forgiving ruffles

Christmas is upon us again. While I prepare myself to have to constantly remind myself of the real reason for the season, I'm reminded that I may also have to start digging out my more forgiving tops. The abundance of food is one of my favourite things about this time of the year! There's nothing… Continue reading Pops of floral colour II: Forgiving ruffles


Transition wear: Uniqlo’s lightweight 3/4 sleeve dress

I got a couple of Uniqlo items on my Tokyo trip a few months ago and I thought I'd got a handle on exactly what kind of clothing you'd go there for. I was right because I went in to their store here in London recently looking for some "transition" items and found the perfect… Continue reading Transition wear: Uniqlo’s lightweight 3/4 sleeve dress


5 Places to find petite jeans

1. Topshop My new favourite! I sort of resisted trying Topshop jeans for almost three years after a friend told me about them because I just didn't believe that they could possibly fit me as well as they do. Boy, do I feel silly for that! The two pairs I now have two of very… Continue reading 5 Places to find petite jeans


My top 5 brands for petite maxis in the UK

As far as fashion has come, maxi dresses and maxi skirts continue to be a struggle for us petite ladies. Here are my five favourite places to find maxi dresses and skirts that won't trip me up: Dorothy Perkins: They have a dedicated petite maxi section although from what I've seen, it's (not surprisingly) limited… Continue reading My top 5 brands for petite maxis in the UK


Guest post: Stephanie Lam

Stephanie, 27 Asset Management Height: 5'1 Los Angeles, CA, USA Fashion inspiration I love finding inspiration from other bloggers! I have so many favorites but to name a few: Atlantic Pacific, Fake Leather, Gal Meets Glam, Blank Itinerary, Mia Mia Mine, Pamallier. Favourite fashion magazines C Magazine, Porter, Vogue What does style mean to you?… Continue reading Guest post: Stephanie Lam


Wedding Season *On a Budget*

  Dorothy Perkins cream midi dress £38 - dorothyperkins.com ASOS high heel prom shoes asos.com Invicta stainless steel wrist watch £27 - amazon.com BERRICLE sterling silver post earrings £39 - berricle.com Bridal flower hair clip newchic.com



It's true that high neck tops will usually make your bust look bigger than it is. However, if you do have bigger boobs and your aim is to de-emphasise them, a high neck is not always a mistake. It just needs to be balanced out with an A-line/skater style skirt.


Playsuit season

We're starting to get glimpses of summer here in the UK. It feels wonderful. I've started to get out my warmer clothes and I'm reminded of how useful playsuits are. They let you feel free and comfortable and they can also be very forgiving! It would be difficult to go wrong with  a playsuit in… Continue reading Playsuit season