Pops of floral colour

My work closet is about 90% black. That’s because it cuts out one task for me when I’m rushing out for work during the week – matching colours *I know that really shouldn’t be a task but…* so I attempt to inject colours into my clothing with my jewelry. Sometimes, as with this lovely number from Forever 21, I’ll just get an article of clothing which has much black in it as my work closet does – with a some brighter colours in it and cheer me up for the day.

These boots are wonderfully comfortable. I went looking for them when I realized I could wear dresses more easily in colder weather if I had some sensible boots that were high enough to cover my knees! They may look heavy in the photos but they light and also have quite soft soles. I’ve done a lot of walking in them and never been left with aching feet. They still look really good after quite a long time of wear as well. I can see they’re still available on ASOS as well – click here. I’m not entirely sure if they are wide fit but they don’t squeeze my slightly wide feet which is a big deal – a lot of boots that I’ve tried seem to be made for narrower feet.

It’s too bad that I can’t point you to a place where you can find this dress but I’ve put links at the bottom of this post to a few that are similar.
I don’t tend to have much luck with Forever 21 dresses. The sleeves were far too long on this one when I got it, which is unusual for me (I never have issues with sleeves being too long) but a single wash shrank the sleeves down (way more than I’d hoped) and it’s now above my wrist. I can cope with that. I bought this dress about three years ago. If you have it, let me know in the comments how well the sleeves fit and if it’s shrunk in the wash!

 Missguided floral skater dress
Y.A.S Drop waist dress
New Look Floral playsuit




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