Transition wear: Uniqlo’s lightweight 3/4 sleeve dress

I got a couple of Uniqlo items on my Tokyo trip a few months ago and I thought I’d got a handle on exactly what kind of clothing you’d go there for. I was right because I went in to their store here in London recently looking for some “transition” items and found the perfect dress.

I’m a greys kind of girl so this was my colour choice but it does come in a pretty turquoise-y blue too.
Here‘s a direct link to the item but do keep in mind that this is dress is likely to fall differently on different people depending on body shape. Also, depending on what your body temp is like, this might start to feel warmer than “lightweight” if you choose the wrong day to wear it but one thing it won’t make you feel is itchy as the fabric is lovely and soft. It’s also roomy enough to work as maternity wear so it’s versatile in that way. I’m sure I don’t need to add that this can be dressed up or down with a blazer, heels, flats, a long necklace, dangling earrings or studs.

I love the length. And the fact that it has pockets!

The boots in case you’re interested are out of stock but here are a pair that look pretty much the same to me!

Have you tried/purchased this dress and loved it?



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