5 Places to find petite jeans

1. Topshop

My new favourite! I sort of resisted trying Topshop jeans for almost three years after a friend told me about them because I just didn’t believe that they could possibly fit me as well as they do. Boy, do I feel silly for that! The two pairs I now have two of very few jeans I’ve owned in my life that fit both my hips and waist and don’t require any alteration to shorten their lengths.

Topshop Joni jeans in grey

2. Zara

Now this is a trick that I’m sure many a petite woman will know but I’ll leave it here anyway. Wear cropped jeans as full length jeans! Now you do have to be picky about which brand you do this with because not all cropped jeans will work as full length jeans for a petite woman. I’ve found that somehow Zara cropped jeans always fit me perfectly! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried them as well and they’ve worked for you. They’re such great, thick quality jeans too.


I can’t say that I’ve always had the best luck with ASOS petite jeans. Until about a year ago. Of course this is just one pair that I’ve loved because it was a great length but clearly it is possible to find a good pair of petite jeans on ASOS. It’s possible that with my shape, the way ASOS petite jeans are structured means that they won’t always fit me the way they should. Having said that, I wouldn’t say I’m curvy so ASOS may need to work on their sizing a bit. What I love most about my ASOS jeans is how soft the fabric is.

ASOS Petite Ridley jeans

4. Hollister

I’m not sure if this would be a surprising one for you but it was a surprise to me! I have two pairs that I bought about six years ago! They didn’t have any jeans that were labelled petite back then and I don’t know if they do now.  I took a chance because I loved the softness of the denim and they happened to fit me so well.

Hollister Co. Low rise skinny

5. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins’ petite jeans are how I first discovered many years ago that there were jeans that I wouldn’t need to make alterations to :). Although they need to widen their range of cuts, Dorothy Perkins petite jeans are one of the most comfortable I’ve ever owned.

Dorothy Perkins embroidered jeans

Comment below to share your favourite places to find petite jeans and Follow for more!


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