My top 5 brands for petite maxis in the UK

As far as fashion has come, maxi dresses and maxi skirts continue to be a struggle for us petite ladies. Here are my five favourite places to find maxi dresses and skirts that won’t trip me up:

  1. Dorothy Perkins: They have a dedicated petite maxi section although from what I’ve seen, it’s (not surprisingly) limited in range.Particularly for the maxi skirts. The items are varied size-wise which is great however, I would note that in my opinion, their petite maxi dresses are on the pricey side.
  2. ASOS Petite: Their petite range is pretty incredible compared with other brands. Their maxi skirts and dresses are very varied in style and price range which are great things. They could do with going up in size for petite maxis.
  3. Miss Selfridge: I’ve only tried one maxi dress from Miss Selfridge but I’ve seen them on petite friends so can vouch for them working for you if you’re at least 5″0. The one I tried was for a wedding and was a bit lacy with gold embellishments. I will say it was a tad bit too long in a size 10 and without shoes on but otherwise it was perfect.
  4. Maya: the most beautifully embellished petite maxis I’ve seen in a long time. Their petite sizing seems to be on point to me and their combination of sexy, slinky and comfortably soft is a 10/10.I just wish they had their own store! Or maybe they do and  haven’t discovered it online yet…let me know in the comments if they do! Maya petites are currently available on ASOS and Dorothy Perkins.
  5. Chi Chi London: if you’re into lacy, tulle, princess-y dreams, Chi Chi maxis are a good place to look. Like Maya petites, their petite sizing is good from what I can tell. They’re great for the typical bride and bridesmaid kind of maxi dresses as well.

Comment to share your recommendations of good places to find petite maxi dresses online and in stores in the UK and abroad!


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