Ten days in Tokyo

I had a wonderful ten days in Tokyo! Tokyo was on my list of places to visit for a long time so when the opportunity came up, I packed my bags and was off literally at two-days’ notice!

As many would expect, the majority of the women I saw in Tokyo during my stay were around my height (5″2) or shorter. I arrived pretty late on my first day and spent the evening walking around Shinjuku. Within a couple of hours of looking around and seeing the average heights of the local women, I decided that this would be shopping paradise. LITTLE did I know…

I dedicated my first full day and second day in Tokyo to clothes shopping. Thinking I’d be able to find a lot of stuff and get that out of the way. My online research led me to Shibuya 109 – a shopping centre with various stores with clothing that really seemed at first glance to be for ladies much younger than myself.

I decided to be positive and adventurous so I actually tried stuff on. I tend to wear a UK size 10 on top (because I’m busty) and a UK 8 below. After three tops in two stores, I decided that either Japanese women were far smaller than I had seen thus far or Shibuya 109 was just not for someone my size and age – nothing fit and there was more pink and frills than I could cope with.

I eventually found myself in Uniqlo. I’ve only been in the one in London briefly and years ago so I can’t compare but I found quite a few cool items. I also found a lot of good stuff in GU, a store that was inside the Uniqlo building in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I believe it comes under the Uniqlo umbrella but I’m not completely sure. I’d describe GU as a cross between a trendier GAP and a more colourful Zara, however it was presented in a Primark fashion where you need copious amounts of patience to go through items. I liked it.

Comment below if you had a bit of a struggle finding a variety of places to shop for clothing in Tokyo. Also comment below to share where you’ve had the best clothes shopping experience outside of your home country/state!


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