How to avoid looking frumpy in NON-petite clothing

As much as quite a few brands are getting with the program and catering to us petites, we can’t always have closets exclusively full of clothing to fit us based on our height. Here are a few things to consider when your outfit doesn’t fit your petite frame as well as you’d like:

1. Tuck in – if the occasion, top style and length will allow it, tucking in your top will pull in a larger-than-you-would prefer top

2. Avoid layering – shorter ladies can look like they’re drowning in wearing too many clothes at a time

3. Top it off with some spandex – the word alone may make some people cringe but paired with loose fitting culottes, trousers or skirts, a spandex top will tuck everything in nicely in at least one section of your outfit

4. Belts – yes, they’ll stop a pair of loose fitting jeans or trousers from slipping but you can also use a belt to cinch in slightly baggy outfits at the waist. Again, this adds some structure

5. Pointed toe shoes – whether heels or flats, they’ll help to pull your look together so that no matter how loose fitting your clothes are!

Comment below to share some of your tips on how to make non-petite outfits look good for petite styling 🙂



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