5 places to find jewellery for tiny wrists

There was a time when girls were crazy about wearing men’s watches. That was never an option for me as it would only have looked ridiculous on my tiny wrists! In the same vein, I’ve frequently had to have my wrist jewellery adjusted to fit me in the past. I know many of you with small wrists can relate. The following companies cater for people like me:

1. Dainty Wrist Jewelry – on IG – https://www.daintywristjewelry.com/

Visit their site for unique extras like a guide on how to measure your wrists for bracelets that fir properly and for layering tips to make sure your wrist jewellery is perfectly arranged.

2. Alex and Ani – on IG – http://www.alexandani.com/bracelets.html

Alex and Ani make adjustable bracelets that you can expand or reduce to fit your wrist. I haven’t personally tried their bracelets but looking at all the reviews online, their customers with small wrists are extremely happy so they’re clearly worth trying out.

3. Skinny Wrists  Jewellery – on IGwww.skinnywrists.com 

They’ll make jewellery to fit your individual size. For those in the UK who would like to go into their store, they are based on Seaview Street in Cleethorpes and on Queens Road in Bournemouth.

4. Shopstyle – on IGhttps://www.shopstyle.co.uk/

On Shopstyle, you can filter jewellery to ‘bracelets for small wrists’ and this will give a wide range of options of different prices currently from as low as £7 to £20k for an 18ct Cartier white gold and diamond bracelet.

5. Etsy – on IG – https://www.etsy.com/

Get them custom made on Etsy with different independent designers . You’ll find a range of designers to fit your budget.

Comment below to share any info you have on other places to find jewellery for small wrists!



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