Guest post: Stephanie Lam

Stephanie, 27
Asset Management
Height: 5’1
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Fashion inspiration
I love finding inspiration from other bloggers! I have so many favorites but to name a few: Atlantic Pacific, Fake Leather, Gal Meets Glam, Blank Itinerary, Mia Mia Mine, Pamallier.

Favourite fashion magazines
C Magazine, Porter, Vogue


What does style mean to you?
To me, style is a personal expression. You can tell so much about a person from their style. It’s an art form of silent communication and you can make a statement without even saying anything.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting your clothing together?
Being petite, my only rule is to make sure it fits you well. There are some trends out there that just don’t fit on my body type as much as I would love to wear it!

Fashion obsession(s)?
I am currently obsessed with all off the shoulder tops!! Somehow showing off a little bit of shoulder is so sexy!

Heels or flats?


Are there specific brands you always go to for petite clothing?
I love shopping on ASOS for petite clothes! I also find that lot of European brands fit petite women really well too vs. American brands!

Staple clothing item
A pair of killer heels! They can jazz up any outfit!

Being petite, are there specific alterations you frequently find yourself making to your clothes in order to make them fit or look better?
Most frequently it’s either to raise up the hemline or take in the waistline.

Guilty pleasure
Travelling is my guilty pleasure. I just got back from Spain! If I could, I would quit my job and just travel the world!

Greatest life advice you ever received
It seems so general, but really that life is short and to do what makes you happy because you never know what could happen.

http://www.laminlouboutins.com | IG: @laminlouboutins | Twitter: @bySlammy



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