Guest post: Stoney Petite


Ashley “Stoney”
Job: Retail
Height: 5’3
Nashville, TN, US

Fashion inspiration
My fashion inspiration comes from a lot of different people, places, and things. I’m inspired by colors, patterns, old styles, and mismatched looks.



What does style mean to you?
Style to me, means creating your own weird, funky, and odd looks. Style isn’t about keeping up with the hottest new trends, its about creating a look that stands out and a look that only you can wear best.


Any fashion rules when putting your clothing together?
There was once a time where there use to be so many rules when it came to fashion and I use to abide by those rules because it’s what “they” said. My whole attitude on that now is that, “if it goes well together, wear it.” Things don’t always have to match.

Current fashion obsession
I love denim and linen. Both materials are so timeless and they switch up so well with the seasons. Linen gives me my favorite earthy look and If I had to wear a denim jacket and denim jeans for the rest of my life, I’d be very content.


Being petite, are there specific alterations you frequently find yourself making to your clothes in order to make them fit or look better?
I try not to alter my clothing too much because I sale a lot of my clothes on my Depop. Even though I’m petite, I find myself still picking up L or XL clothing. Being petite allows you to wear clothes your size and even style up something twice your size. I’m all for wearing big shirts as dresses, throwing a belt around it, tying a knot, or simply letting it hang.


Are there specific brands you always go to for petite clothing? If so, which and why?
I am an avid thrift shopper. Most of the time I don’t get lucky and find the letter “P” right next to my size. Anything labeled “petite” fits me best of course, but most times I’m settling for an XS/S at the thrift store or most stores. On the brighter side though, I am able to wear kid’s clothes and pay less.


What’s your guilty pleasure?
I love taking a good ole sassy nude picture, haha. I love to admire my body, that’s where I believe the confidence begins; feeling beautiful in your own skin.

Greatest life advice you ever received?
“Do what you have to do, so you can later do what you want to do.”

You describe yourself as a “wannabe blogger” on your IG. Any plans to start a blog soon?
Yes. I would love to start blogging in the near future. Aside from fashion, I love writing, traveling, music, flea markets, festivals, art, food and just life itself. I would love to share my experiences with people. However, my main focus right now is networking and bringing in lots more stylish inventory to my Depop and soon to come pop up shops.

Instagram: @Stoney_petite
Twitter: @Missashleee
Depop: Depop.com/Missashley3



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