Guest Post: Practical Petite

27 years old
Student – graduating in June with a BBA in Marketing
Height – 5’1.5
Originally from Detroit, Michigan but currently living in Los Angeles, California

Fashion inspiration
I love scrolling through Pinterest for ideas or searching bloggers Instagram accounts. I also think that Extra Petite’s blog has a lot of great tips.

What does style mean to you?
Style is about expressing yourself through clothing; wearing what makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Do you have any fashion rules when putting your clothing together?
I don’t necessarily have any “rules” but I do like to take a picture of myself in an outfit in order to determine if I like the way it looks; for some reason a photo is a better judge of whether something looks good or not than the mirror.

Heels or flats
Honestly, I love both! I like that I can wear heels and never be towering over people but on a day to day basis when I am running around, I like to wear comfortable flats.


Are there specific brands you always go to for petite clothing? If so, which and why?
I really like the White House Black Market petite line because they carry sizes down to XXS. Also, their clothing is made of high quality material that lasts for a while.

What takes up most of your closet space?
Dresses are surprisingly starting to take up more space in my closet. I have so many dresses but I don’t go out enough to get much use out of them. Focusing on finishing my degree these last couple of years has taken away most of my social life.

Being petite, are there specific alterations you frequently find yourself making to your clothes in order to make them fit or look better?
I am the type of person who tries to make or do everything myself so I bought a sewing machine a few years ago and taught myself to hem the bottom of some skinny jeans. I am still in search of a tailor in Los Angeles but the most common issues I’ve come across is pant length or straps on tanks/dresses that are too long.

Most common misconception about petite sized women
In my view, the most common misconception about petite sized women is that it means skinny. Petite women come in different sizes and shapes. Petite means relatively short but not necessarily stick thin.


What’s your guilty pleasure?
Carbs! All types of carbs; pasta, bread, pizza. Being petite with not the highest of metabolisms means I have to watch what I eat or else a 10-pound gain is noticeable.

Greatest life advice you ever received
There are many pieces of great advice that I have received throughout life but the first thing that comes to mind is to simply “be kind” or “do unto other as they would do unto you”.

Your blog/site and/or social media info
My blog website www.practicalpetite.com
Instagram: @practicalpetite
Facebook: Practical Petite
Twitter: @PracPetite


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